what is a scholarship and how does it work


At Scholarship Aid we always care about students putting in the hard work to study and should always get rewarded for that hard work that’s why we make it easy to connect you to various available scholarships in and outside Nigeria

Most students are confused about how scholarships actually work, how they can apply, how they get funds, what and to spend it on, and even where are the funds coming from.

It will be a good idea if we start with what scholarship is…


What is a scholarship?

Scholarships are financial assistance designed to help students pay for their undergraduate degrees. Scholarships are not to be paid back it’s not a loan sometimes scholarships are renewable and keep providing funds for students every semester or academic year while others can be one-time pay.

Sometimes the funds are paid directly to the student account while some are paid to the school to cater for the tuition fee, accommodation, and others and if its excess and still remain funds then the school will balance the student the excess

How does scholarship works basically

As mentioned above scholarships are provided to students on certain criteria or eligibility usually at a primary level.

They are usually in form of grants, tuition waivers, and fellowships.

They usually relieve students and families from the cost of schooling from books, transportation, tuition fees, and labs, and sometime sit can be partial or fully funded scholarships.

It is usually the best idea to always read the rules that guide every scholarship scheme. Scholarships might stop or pause depending on certain rules stated clearly in their rules booklet.

Some scholarships might stop if students are involved in any illegal activities, drop in academic performance, or even spend the provided funds inappropriately.

So it is best to read the criteria and the rules of every scholarship clearly.

Where did scholarships come from?

Basically, scholarship comes from a lot of different sources like charities, clubs, foundations, businesses, organizations, colleges and universities, the government, and individuals. Colleges.

If you applying for school it’s best to check maybe they offer scholarship aid and if you are eligible. Some schools offer financial assistance in form of merit aid so do check.

Who are qualify for scholarships

Scholarships are rewards for the hard work students put into their studies but not all scholarships rely only on students getting a 4.0 GPA. Some scholarships are awarded only to members of the organization, some are based on needs, certain fields, or some other guidelines so you need to check first

Regardless of whether your grade or if you excel in the academy, you can find scholarships that suit you based on some criteria.

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