University Of Manitoba Acceptance Rate(For Maters, Graduates, etc)


Today, we will be talking about the university of Manitoba acceptance rate for graduates, master’s degree holders, international students, and all the courses.

The University of Manitoba was the first western Canadian university. It is also the widest and one of the most research-intensive universities in the country.

The University of Manitoba is funded by the government. It was established in 1877. This university has collaborated with the commonwealth universities and other associations of universities.


The government helps the students with funds to assist them educationally.

University Of Manitoba Acceptance Rate?

Currently, the University of Manitoba has over 29,000 students, and the management of this university is aware that students are looking for ways to get admission into its university.

International student tuition fees are different from indigenous student tuition fees the management understands that more of the applicants will be coming from non-English speaking countries.

Though, the school advises the applicants to register for English courses first while processing the admission

International students pay a 50% – 52% acceptance rate when got admission.

University Of Manitoba Acceptance Rate For Graduates

The University of Manitoba has over 95 master’s courses in chemistry, history, law, animal science, geography, etc. It is advisable to apply on the online portal before you can be a registered student at the University of Manitoba. The application fee is 100 CAD. Here are some requirements for admission;

  • Your official academic transcript and resume.
  • Statement of your purpose
  • Your photocopied birth certificate
  • Passport or visa.

University Of Manitoba Acceptance Rate For Masters For International Students

The University of Manitoba has given international students an exceptional review of the school. The University of Manitoba has been committed and they excellently deliver quality education to their students.

The university is aware that most of the international students are coming from a non-English countries, so they advise them to enroll in an English language course, This idea is for them to get understand more about the English language so as to help their communication skills.

International students pay more so as to help accommodate them fully, the acceptance rate for international students is 62%.

How To Apply for Admission To the University Of Manitoba

Many students will be worried about how to get admission into the university of Manitoba.

International students are asked to register on the school’s online portal, this will help you to review and track your application online. Here are the steps to follow for registration:

  • Step 1. On the school website create your account
  • Step 2. Enter your personal information (Biodata)
  • Step 3. Select the degree program you wish to study and register
  • Step 4. Insert your background information
  • Step 5. Pick your course choice
  • Step 6. Make sure you provide the right answers to the admission questions
  • Step 7. Fill in your educational background information as required.

University Of Manitoba Engineering Acceptance Rate?

The engineering department has made some things flexible for students and people generally in the world, things like Energy, Perfumes, Airplanes, and so on.

Engineering degree at the University of Manitoba includes Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Biosystem engineering, etc.

Therefore, due to the value of degrees, the university of Manitoba offers, the acceptance rate of the faculty of engineering is similar to the normal acceptance rate. So, the Faculty of engineering acceptance rate is 53%.


  • Make sure you fulfill all the admission requirements, it is very important because it will make you know what next to do.
  • Failure to meet up with the standard, The school admission board might drop your application.

University Of Manitoba Acceptance Rate For Undergraduate Admission

If you are an international student, and you are found qualified to study in this school you have to possess some specific requirements for you to get admission.

Tuition fees for international students at the University of Manitoba are 120 CAD, And indigenous students pay 120 CAD. Here are the admission requirements for undergraduates:

  • You must have high school results/grades with at most 70% in school-level courses and also a 60% minimum score in the English language.
  • Compulsory completion of a particular subject in high school
  • With some experience in the English language
  • Must have a valid visa/passport.

FAQs About the University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate

  1. Can the University of Manitoba Accept International students?

Yes, the University of Manitoba accepts international students the only difference is the tuition fees, so as to accommodate them fully.

  • How Much Are the University of Manitoba Application Fees?

The University of Manitoba charges 120 CAD for undergraduates program and 100 CAD for graduate programs.


In conclusion, the University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate is between the rate of 50% – 52%, and the University of Manitoba has set up an easy requirement for admission so that students can easily apply for admission. Thank you for reading, You can drop your comments in the comment section I will be attending to them all.

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