We at Scholarship Aid expose Intelligent students to the scholarship world. All Nigeria Schools can contact us and register their intelligent students for scholarship If you are a student, you can also register at Scholarship Aid and access your grades and qualification. If after accessing you suit any sponsored companies or schools. As a guidance or Parent, you can register your Intelligent children at Scholarship Aid if you think they are intelligent and have the requirements to e sponsored and get scholarships If you have intelligent friends you can register them at Scholarship Aid. We will invite him or her and if meet the requirements we will start sorting for scholarship companies and schools that suit him or her.

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Nigeria will always be mentioned when we are talking about brilliant students every time. But not every brilliant student has opportunities to show their intelligence due to lack of finance, accommodation, and conduciveness. So we at Scholarship aid are trying our best to close the gap by always bringing the available sponsorer either schools that offer scholarships or companies to intelligent students. You can contact us through our contact page, call us or just walk straight to our office at 50 Jide street, Oshodi, Lagos We have so much inteligent students in Nigeria and at Scholarship Aid we think They are underrated. Our mission and Objective is to help the inteligent studnets get proper scholarship and sponsonsoreships they desire \We at scholarship Aid connect intelligent students to the appropriate sponsorer (companies, schools, or individuals). Going to 100 sponsorers and still counting Our office is always open to sponsorers anytime. You can come straight to our office, send us a mail, contact us through our contact page we will send our staffs to you and you are always welcome We at Scholarship aid always encourage the students that they are the future of tomorrow and education is the key. Every students are welcome to come for our test and accessment.

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Scholarship aid is the best that have happened to me. I got sponsored through scholarship aid.



Scholarship aid have always be of help to all our students. Kudus to the whole team

Jimoh Kareem


They are very caring to our son since the first day we took out son for their assessment till he get sponsored. A big Thanks YOu to Scholarship Aid



They always try their best to bring the best in every brilliant students!